21st February 2020

Between 20th-21st February 2020 Partners met for the first time within kick-off meeting, which was organized in University College of Enterprise and Administration headquarters (Lublin, Poland). During the meeting Partners:

- officially launched project activities

- discussed in details intellectual outputs, that will be developed within the project

- discussed project workplan and familiarised with managerial documents (Project Management and Financial Plan, Promotion Plan, Dissemination Plan)

- divided and planned work for upcoming months

Below we present gallery from the meeting

Consortium members
Consortium members

Discussion session
Discussion session

Integration meeting in restaurant
Integration meeting in restaurant

Consortium members
Consortium members


27th April 2020

An international research, conducted by all HEI Partners, came to an end. Partners lanuched 2 researches:

  1. Dedicated to students – it started on the 6th and finished on 24th of April 2020, 47 students with special needs from 3 partner countries and universities participated

  2. Dedicated to academic teachers - it started on the 1st and finished on 23rd of April 2020, 71 academic teachers from three partner countries participated

The researches aims were to familiarise more with needs of students with disabilities (concerning functioning at university) as well as examine knowledge of academic teachers in this field. Results of surveys collected in each partner country were put altogether into two reports, which will serve as a starting point for creation of publication witin IO1.

30th June 2020

Consortium members met on 29.06.2020 via MS Teams in order to discuss in details reports from conducted researches and settle the structure for publication which will be developed under IO1.

The publication will be developed together by all HEI partners (supported by Likejon as an expert, advisor and reviewer), its structure will contain the following topics:

Chapter 1 - Design of educational process dedicate to disabled Students (Slovenian HEI in charge)

Chapter 2 - Modern technologies and preparation of educational materials for disabled students (Polish HEI in charge)

Chapter 3 - Concentration, focus of students and knowledge verification (Cypriot HEI in charge)

Chapter 4 – Students with different types of disabilities (Polish HEI in charge)

The publication is estimated to have around 40-50 pages and to be delivered in autumn 2020 (October/November 2020)

23rd-24th October 2020

Project was presented at PIConf 2020, 23–24 October 2020

At PIConf 2020 on-line conference 23–24 October 2020 titled Online Education without Social Distance: Challenges for Internationalisation and Culture of Peace https://piconf.net/, organised by Pegaso international Malta.  The project was presented at Projects presentation session and the logo was published in the proceeding (p 75), see conference proceeding https://piconf.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/proceedings-piconf-2020.pdf. More on the link - the gallery of all video records of all panels and sessions: https://piconf.net/gallery-archives/. The PIConf was promoted also in on TV Malta news https://www.tvm.com.mt/mt/news/l-edukazzjoni-fi-zmien-il-pandemija-kemm-hu-importanti-t-tahrig-onlajn/.


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12th-13th November 2020

Project HESS was presented at MIC international conference, 12 - 13 November 2020

At MIC2020 the project HESS was presented. The co-authors Valerij Dermol, Aleš Trunk, Slovenia, Jacek Lis, Poland and Anca Draghici, Romania prepared a paper on Teaching creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork in higher education, see conference book http://www.hippocampus.si/ISBN/978-961-293-025-7.pdf.

The 20th Management International Conference (MIC 2020) was organised as on-line event, 12 - 13 November 2020, http://www.mic.fm-kp.si/. The conference was organised by University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Slovenia Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow School of Economics, Russian Federation. All together 134 papers were presented.


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January 2021

Hereby we present final version of Intellectual Output no 1 - Publication dedicated to academics on how to teach disabled students with different disabilities. The publication is available on-line in English language. In first quarter of 2021 other language versions will be uploaded on this website (Polish, Slovenian, Greek). To get the publication please click on the image below.


Inclusive University 2021 Okladka-1.jpg