Intellectual outputs

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>>> Intellectual Output no 1 <<<


Publication dedicated to academics on how to teach disabled students with different disabilities.


Publication for academic teachers enabling them to tailor better their teaching methods to needs of students with different disabilities. Content of the publication will be based on information from partner institutions (each partner will run questionnaires asking academics on their concerns they have while running lectures for disabled students and what solutions would be helpful for them and asking students with disabilities concerning their needs). The publication is available below - to get it you need to click on the image below:


















>>> Intellectual Output no 2 <<<


Training programme – raising awareness of university staff (didactic and administrative) and students on the presence of disabled students at the University

Training will be divided into three modules, dedicated to different target groups:

  Module 1 – Raising awareness of didactic staff

  Module 2 – Raising awareness of administrative staff (e.g. Dean’s office, library)

  Module 3 – Raising awareness of students


The aim of these modules will be to raise awareness of above mentioned groups and break the stereotypical approach to them. Each module will be developed by one HEI partner (the division on who will develop which module will be done together during activity meetings).


>>> Intellectual Output no 3 <<<


Training course on universal design

This output is dedicated to students from fields such as: computer science, architecture, management. Students, future graduates need to be aware of needs of their future, potential clients, contractors, end-users of their products. That is why it is important to train their competences and raise their awareness.

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